Two In One: Closing Weekend @ Sugarbush Mt. Ellen

It was closing weekend for Sugarbush Parks at Mt. Ellen this weekend and there is no better way to have it than 50 degrees and sunny. The full family came together to enjoy the warm temps and slushy snow all day long and needless to say, everyone was smiling. Sugarbush parks worked tirelessly all year long to build and maintain what is one of the most creative and fun parks in the country. Shout out to the park crew for battling mother nature as she didn't necessarily cooperate this season. 

A group of us mutually decided that ripping all day on hill wasn't enough, so we all headed back to town, grabbed our skateboards and met down at the Andy "A-dog" Williams Skatepark for a little sunset cruise. No better way to keep the stoke alive than hitting two of our favorites in one day. Peace! -Pete