Quick Stop - Whistler

This past week the crew packed the bags and headed to Whistler, BC. No one had been there before so it was a complete free for all.

Taylor, Neal and I arrived before the rest of the crew on Sunday so we decided to rent a car and drive the sea to sky highway on our way to the mountain. Needless to say it was possibly one of the most beautiful drives I have ever been on. 

Monday morning arrived and the crew was in full effect heading up in the gondola. Our first mission was the infamous Peak to Peak Gondola ride. One of the longest unsupported lift spans in the world, the Peak 2 Peak stretches 1.88 miles with no towers at an elevation of 1,427 feet. Needless to say the views and the ride were nothing short of amazing. 

Due to no new snow, we decided to stick to the Blackcomb park pretty much all day Monday. Sunny / warm park laps were in full effect. As we first laid our eyes on the park it seemed like we were in some sort of video game. Perfect jumps, endless rail lines, and hips / quarter pipes every where you look. The day flew by and before sending back to the condo we were in for one more Peak 2 Peak ride. 

Tuesday morning rolled around and the crew was moving a bit slow and so was the weather. Cloudy and considerably colder than the day before, we weren't really in a rush to get out there. Our plan was to stick to the Whistler side and do some exploring. We went all the way to the peak and despite the lower visibility the views were still stunning. Finding our way down in the sub par snow it was time for me to pack my bags and head home. 

The crew spent the rest of the week ripping and luckily Zento was there to keep snapping. Enjoy his snaps below.