LA Times

LA times. This past week a few of us from the Driven Studio crew spent some time in Los Angeles with our good friends Ben & Jerry's, supporting them as they launched their new flavor, One Love. 
A few of us arrived a day early, and what is a trip to LA without a little bit of skateboarding. Dan and I met up with VT natives Cookie Colburn and Jordan Maxham for a few skate missions. Shoutouts to those guys for the awesome hospitality and the good hangs!
After fulfilling our skateboarding itch, we linked up with the Ben & Jerry's crew for a quick check in for the next couple of days. Once complete the group decision was to head over to Venice beach for some sunset hanging. 
Come Monday morning it was time to get the show on the road with the Ben & Jerry's One Love Session. This consisted of the unveiling of the new flavor, performances from Aaron Nigel Smith, the One World Chorus, and Ziggy Marley and overall a night filled with positive peace and energy. 
Tuesday was set out to be a very busy day consisting of a One Love recipe photo shoot in the morning and the corresponding video shoot in the afternoon featuring two of Ziggy Marley's children. After wrapping up around 6 pm it was time to shift gears and head to the LA Dodgers game. What started out as a very slow baseball game, became very tense due to the 4 extra innings. LA came home with the win against the cardinals, and it was time for celebration. Not only celebrating their win, but celebrating what was an amazing week spent with some remarkable friends and coworkers. Peace!