Talent Experiments

Talent is one of the best indoor skateparks on the east coast offering up a little bit of something for everyone. From vert walls and bowls, to banks and street sections, 2 hour sessions just don't seem long enough to get a taste of everything. 
One of the biggest challenges about shooting photos there is the lighting. Shooting with the overhead lights creates grainy and sometimes blurry images, so using strobes is your best bet. The issue with strobes is if they aren't directed right at the subject, they start to bounce light around and create more distracting backgrounds. With this challenge comes experimenting and doing what skaters dislike most, asking them "can you do that one more time?" When you work with your friends it is a lot easier to ask that question even if they get a little salty about it. 
The past two visits at Talent have been epic! Thanks Hannah and Dave for creating such a rad environment! Peace! -Pete