Carinthia Parks

When we heard Vans Hi-Standard was holding a stop at Carinthia parks we figured we would take an extra day to spend at one of the best parks on the east coast. 
Getting an early start on Friday morning, we loaded up and headed south. After a two and half hour drive, we were itching to ride. After meeting up with Carinthia Parks filmer Devin Bernard it was time to lap. Halfway through the day Devin and I broke out the cameras and met up with the homies to stack some shots. Starting in the infamous prospector, the squad was getting down on the pole jam to wall ride and eventually moving down to lower nitro. Battling the clouds all day it was a constant struggle exposing properly for the situation at be. Thank you to Devin for allowing all of us to crash at his families house, where we were able to recharge.

Saturday morning we packed the cars and it was back to the mountain. As we walked into the lodge where registration was happening, it was absolute mayhem. People from all over pushing to get their spot in the contest. The difference between the Vans Hi-Standard contest series and others is that it is completely free, AND they hand out FREE CASH. Despite the long and steep hike for the jump, competitors were all about that free $$$. At the end of the day it was Maggie Leon, Max Lyons, Nate Haust, and Vans rider Shaun Murphy, coming home with the big bucks. Congrats to all and thank you Vans and Carinthia for hosting such and awesome day! Peace!