Final Summer Send Off

I know in my last post I talked about saying goodbye to summer, but now that labor day weekend has come and gone, summer activities are officially over. What better way to spend the "last" weekend of summer than at a swimming hole and skatepark. 

We made the trek to Warren Falls, with the crew and then off to Warren Skatepark. Warren Falls has blown up in the past couple of years. I remember going there 3 years ago on a Saturday and it wasn't too busy, but now if you hit it on a sunny and hot weekend, it is going to be slammed. We made the best of the busy labor day crowd and then made our way to the Warren Skatepark. It was a nice change from being down at the Andy "A-Dog" Williams skatepark, because there was no one there when we showed up. After a couple of hours baking in the sun it was time to head home. 

No one likes when summer is over, but it could mean only one thing...Otis Mountain Get Down. See everyone in Elizabethtown next weekend! Peace!