Last Days of Summer

Well, every summer has to come to an end right? The start of school marks the end of the summer for most but what happens when theres no more school? The party keeps on going. 

Now that everyone is back in town, it seems like everywhere you look you find someone you know. It's days like this past Sunday which I enjoy the most. Showing up at the sports bar (friends house) at noon on a Sunday, you are lucky if you find people who are awake. Surprisingly most were, and we decided on going to Triple Buckets for some swimming, and then too the Waterbury skatepark for some good ole' mini ramp skating. After skating for a bit, our good friend Colin Hale shows up and puts on a clinic like he normally does. 

It ended up being the last day of summer for a lot of the crew but for some, of us it was the start of the rest of our lives. The real world. Pretty sad we aren't returning to the freedom that college holds, but real life is pretty kick ass. Peace.

- Peter -