A-Dog Day 2016 Down Hill

I first met Andy "A-Dog" Williams four years ago at the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum, the night Jake Carpenter was inducted. My buddy Lance told me he had someone for me to meet. It was Andy, and looking back on that night I fully understand why his legacy is so strong. Andy was easily the nicest human being I have ever met and I felt honored to call him a friend.

With 2016 being my second year participating in the A-Dog Day festivities, I felt like I needed to join in on the downhill. Seth Neary and I hopped on the free College Street shuttle at 11:04, and got dropped off at the water tower by the UVM medical center. As the time grew closer to noon we grouped up at the top of Main Street, and Blotto gave us the final send off. Bombing down the streets of Burlington, bobbing and weaving in between cars, stopping traffic and looking around knowing everyone around you is doing this for A-Dog. 

By the end of the hill bomb everyones legs were numb, shirts were soaked, but with a smile on their faces. Big shout out to the Friends For A-Dog Foundation, Maven, City of Burlington, Blotto, everyone who came out yesterday, and last but certainly not least A-Dog.