Peoples Bank Skate Mission

It seems as if we never leave the Peoples Bank plaza off of College Street. With in a 500 ft radius, there is a perfect 4 flat 5 with a gap to rail, an 8 stair with a handrail, an 11 stair with a handrail, and a loading dock with a chain that sits low enough to trick over. Why would we leave? 

Yesterday we set out to film a couple of lines from the 8 stair to the 11 stair. As we are setting up we thought it would be best to bondo the crack before the 8 stair to create a more comfortable run in, but as we were working on the crack, a police officer approached and asked us what we were doing. He was surprised to see that we were fixing property rather than destroying. Despite the fact that we were fixing a crack, the officer very politely had to kick us out. We made sure our bondo job was cleaned up and we packed the cars. 

10 Minutes later we unpacked and set up for single tricks on the 11 set. Ivan Glenny was first to drop, with a boardslide on his third try hitting the rail, mind you, this was his first day hitting this rail. Then LJ and Dugan started to get fired up.  Dugan having hit the rail a couple weeks before wanted to redo his feeble for a better photo and video. Due to the fact that hitting an 11 stair handrail is a very high risk for you body, I felt guilty for not capturing what I thought was a good enough photo of Dugan the first time around. I knew once he locked in this time, I nailed the shot. LJ having never hit the rail before, hopped into a boardslide second try and was moving on to a frontside boardslide. Within 5 tries LJ had landed what was one of the best looking frontside boardslides I have ever seen. 

My biggest fear is missing or ruining a photo and having to ask the skater to do it again because I know for a fact it is not easy. All said and done, and despite getting kicked out earlier that day we ended up walking away with photos, clips, and no injuries. Successful mission.

See you at A-Dog Day.