VT Skate

There's something different about the skate scene in Vermont, that other communities don't have and it is very hard to pinpoint exactly what that is. Some might say the very unique/limited skate spots, others might say the new skatepark, but I say it is the community it self. We have a mayor who takes skateboarding lessons at the local indoor skatepark, not because he has to but because he wants to. We have police officers who will come to us while at a spot, and want to check out the footage and the photos we are capturing, and we now have one of the best skateparks on the east coast, named after the legend, Andy A-dog Williams. 

What I like most about capturing skateboarding in VT is the story behind each spot. Every where you go presents a different challenge, whether it is a short landing, crack in the sidewalk, or if it is a perfect spot, but at someones house. Like anywhere you skate there is always issues, but in a place that is affected by blazing heat in the summer and frigid cold temperatures in the winter, you never know what that spot holds for you a year later. Enjoy!