San Diego

The 5 to the 8 to the 15 to the 805. That will pretty much get you any where you need to go. Since I have never been to Southern California, it was a bit of culture shock when Allie's uncles took us to lunch on the venice beach boardwalk. I would say that 65% of people used some type of skateboard as their mode of transportation. Very interesting scene to say the least. Also I can say that I never want to sit through LA traffic ever again.

I must say, the first two days in San Diego were jam packed with the safari park, San Diego Zoo, bike tour through Coronado, then on to the USS Midway, and finishing off touring through Seaport Village. The rest of the week was filled with what I think to be classic California activities, eating tacos, cali burritos, surfing, La Jolla, shopping, etc.

Friday we set out to Allie's second favorite place in the world, Disney Land (second to Disney World). I remember Disney World very vaguely, so Disney Land was similar but on a smaller scale. No shortage of overpriced food, and long lines, but being with two Disney experts we navigated around and through the lines as fast as we could. Come 8pm we were all ready to throw in the towel, but the night wasn't over. Thinking there would be no lines, we rushed to some of the rides and saw a 60 minute wait here and 45 minutes there. Getting discouraged we all thought we might as well stand in line for at least one ride and get one more in before we head out. Then it dawned on me, single rider. If we all got single rider passes we would be able to skip the whole line and get to the front. That 45 minute wait turned into 5 minutes and we acted as if we waited in real line and ended up sitting together. Overall amazing vacation. Thank you Megan and the whole Hanson family for making it one for the books!