Rails 2 Riches Build

Every year it seems as if the Killington Parks crew out does themselves. This year I wanted get a behind the scenes look at the build of the Rails 2 Riches course. As we rolled back to the mountain around 6pm, Corey Tredtin, and the General AKA Rosey, were in the Pisten Bully Park Pro laying the land for what was going to be yet another next level set up. No matter what the temperature is, or what time it may be, the park crew is doing whatever it takes to complete the set up. This year's new feature started with a vision, and some leftover chainlink fencing that was getting pushed around the shop. It was an 8ft tall 20ft long fenced A-Frame wall ride. 

Before setting this monstrosity of a feature, the crew had to cut out the metal supports they welded in, in order to keep the wall ride in tact. Working under a headlamp, with a metal grinder while kneeling in the snow, isn't necessarily what people sign up for. These are the types of things that spectators and competitors don't necessarily think of during the competition and that is why we have to take the time to thank our park crews for what they do. They are putting in countless hours in the cold, wet, snowy winter weather, to provide you with a terrain park you can enjoy. And on that note, thank you to the Killington Parks crew for building yet another amazing Rails 2 Riches set up. Peace! Pete