Welcome Winter

Winter has been nothing but great to us the past couple of weeks. Continuously snowing week after week has put us in the woods before Christmas with enough snow to enjoy some deep turns. Over the past two weekends we have spent the majority of the day away from lift lines and in the woods creating some early season bootpacks. One of my favorite things to do is duck in the woods, ride as deep as we can, unstrap and hike up. It seems that most people think that the only way to ride untouched powder is if you are the first one on the mountain. But if you take some time and look around you suddenly become surprised as to what you can find. It may involve unstrapping and hiking a little, but trust me, it is worth it. 

Last weekend was the first day spent in the woods and man it was a good one. Stumbling across a couple of rock drops that would normally only be doable in mid January was what made the day one for the books. Zach, Mike and Neal were absolutely sending it to make for some very photogenic situations. 

Yesterday, Taylor, Neal and I warmed up on some groomers, went to the car, got the camera pack, and off we went. Not really knowing what we were going to find we stumbled upon a beautiful untouched couple of lines. Taylor and Neal unclipped and hiked around to keep their lines as fresh as possible. After hiking up for 10 minutes they stopped and were about to clip in, but they turned around and it just kept on going. Endless opportunities kept us in the woods for about 4 hours and left us with smiles on our faces as we landed on the Notch road and had to hike back to the car. Tired legs, snow covered gear, and high fives wrapped up one of the first of many successful missions. Peace!