Day 2: Killington

It was day two for some of us and we decided to head down to Killington for Taylor's birthday. Knowing that Killington is the only mountain on the east coast with a chairlift running, you would hope conditions were semi-decent. As expected the amount of people for the amount of trails open was a bit skewed but after a few laps it was time to hike a couple of features. Starting out on one of the tubes at the bottom the crew was blasting over, and off of this feature enjoying their first hike session in the park.

Then it was over to the infamous down flat down. I am pretty sure this rail has been set up in the K-Parks preseason set up for at least five years now. It never ceases to amaze me what the crew comes out with first day sliding some metal. As the day progressed the trail started to show its real "ice coast" colors. If you are looking to get some pre-season turns, or rail sliding, head down to Killington! Peace!