Day 1!

Day 1 and I am so far out of shape. After a summer of very little skateboarding and a whole lot of shooting it's time for me to keep on hiking. As we rolled up to the mountain we weren't sure what to expect. It looked super patchy but still top to bottom so we went for it. Sending it straight up North Slope didn't seem to bad at first, but about 10 minutes in I realized how out of shape I actually was. We kept on hiking until we hit the best spot to post up and build a little jump. Some of us kept on hiking while the rest started the build.

45 minutes later the jump was finished and more friends showed up. It took a while for everyone to get their legs back but once they did tricks started firing. From backflips and underflips to Cab 540's, and one footers it ended up being an amazing day and totally worth the hike. Peace!