Montreal Spice

As winter approaches the crew is trying to get some final days in on the skateboards. With Montreal being so close, it's a no brainer for a day trip. Packed the cars and headed straight to Le Taz and P45 for a warm up. The boys came out swinging after being in a car for 2 hours. 

After warming up it was time take to the streets and stack some clips. First stop was St. Henri Metro station. LJ was talking about this spot the whole ride up and when we first set eyes on it we weren't sure what to think. I could tell just by looking at him that we weren't walking away from that spot without a clip.

Prior to finding the St. Henri Metro station we were struggling to navigate and as LJ was attempting his trick our buddy Vince just so happen to be rolling by. Vince being a local knew the city inside and out and where every spot was which made the day a lot easier. Spot after spot the boys were absolutely killing it and the day ended with a stack of clips and some coffee at Tim Hortons. Overall great day spent in the land of poutine!