Pow Mow

Fourth stop of the Burton Qualifiers took place at Powder Mountain in Eden Utah last weekend. This was my first time back in Utah for 6 years and needless to say I was stoked to get there. Friday consisted of a lot of travel but ended with an epic adventure to Alex Andrews' off the grid cabin about 20 miles from electricity, running water, and cell phone service. The only way of getting to the cabin was to trek through the snow or get a ride on the sled up the hill. Once everyone was at the cabin, it was time for some moon boarding. 

Saturday it was off to the mountain to kick off the fourth stop of the Burton Qualifiers. This stop consisted of "Mystery hits" so not knowing what we were getting into, we were pleasantly surprised to see what the Pow Mow crew delivered. A mini pipe with hips, rails, and a beautiful quarter pipe to finish it off. Alex Andrews, Trevor Brady, and Jill Perkins kept the field energized and moving throughout the day with their effortless style. Fourth stop was a success. 

Not much riding is done on these trips from the Officeguys, so Sunday morning we woke up early to a fresh 5" at the condo and at least 10" on hill with no sign of stopping. It was a free refill type of day. 10:30 rolled around and we realized we had to be at the airport in less than an hour in order to make our flight back east. Rode to the car threw the boards in and drove to the airport in all of our gear.