Weekend in Tahoe

Burton Qualifiers stop three, took place at Northstar at Tahoe this past weekend. With a heavy crew of shredders and friends, it turned into more than just a trip for the contest. Colby and I were receiving photos and texts from the early crew with what seemed like endless powder. Given that we were still on east coast time we woke up at 5am frothing to get after it. 

Not knowing what to expect of Northstar I was stoked to be riding regardless. Blue bird skies, and not a cloud in sight, we were off. Fresh corduroy, wide and long runs, the office guys were back in it. Keep in mind, this was most likely the 4th or 5th day riding for some of us including myself. We hadn't seen snow like this in a while and man did it feel amazing. Amazing carving snow on trail, and still some fresh powder off trail. Luckily enough we were with an old friend of Marks from Vermont who knew the mountain like the back of his hand. Being a local, he was able to talk the ski patrol into letting us ride a zone that was closed to the public, but was loaded with untouched powder. As Friday came to a close we hit the bed early.

Saturday arrived and it was time to head up hill and start setting up for the 3rd stop of the Burton Qualifiers. The day kicked off at 11am with a group ride lead by the legend Dave Downing commemorating Craig Kelly. Given that Dave and Craig were some of the best of friends, it only seemed right for Dave to lead the pack through the Stash. It was also a very special day for the Burton and Northstar team due to the fact that it was the 10th anniversary of the Burton Stash, which was discussed, developed and launched right there at Northstar. In honor of the 10th Anniversary, Bob King was on hill crafting masterpieces out of a single piece of wood and a chainsaw. 

Not knowing what to expect from the Tahoe park scene, I was thoroughly surprised and excited after practice. The level of the 15 and under riding was something I had never seen before. The amount of board control some of the riders had was out of this world. After a jam packed day of stomped tricks, hard slams, and great vibes, it was Dylan Okurowski (15 and under), and Kael Hill (open division) who took the top spots. Check back later this week for a recap on our last day on the West Coast at Squaw Valley!